Discover the importance of one-to-one programs through our image showing two individuals in a deep and supportive conversation. The artwork is inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's sketches and the Proportione color palette.

Accelerate your digital strategy with our one-to-one programs

Have you ever wondered how you could connect digital strategy with the development of your teams? One-to-one programs are the answer you are looking for. Read on to discover how this personalized approach can make a difference for your business.

What are one-to-one programs?

One-to-One programs are personalized support programs that focus on individual or team learning for real change and transformation of people. Unlike group training methods, packaged, with closed syllabi, where the pace and content are established in a general way, One-to-One programs adapt to the reality and specific needs of people and companies.

Aimed at managers, leaders, and middle managers, they allow progress at the pace of work dynamics and are focused on the development of skills to adapt to the changes and challenges of the market and company.

In a world where change is constant and adaptability is key, our One-to-One programs are designed to prepare you for the future of work. We use artificial intelligence to extract relevant information from reports and data, providing actionable insights to help you navigate a constantly evolving work environment.

Discover the transformative power of one-to-one programs through our real-life photograph that captures a woman in her 50s offering thoughtful guidance to a manager in his 40s. The image embodies the essence of supportive interaction in a relaxed office environment.

Why choose One-to-One programs?

  • Complete customization: Each program is designed and developed taking into account corporate and professional objectives, their strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Flexitime: The sessions are held within extended hours, depending on the availability of the person being accompanied, which allows you to easily balance the program with other responsibilities.
  • Measurable and tangible results: We use key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate the progress and impact of the program on professional development.

Traceable and integrated into your systems

  • Traceability of progress, results and learning obtained: We use artificial intelligence tools to return a map of progress and achievement of objectives and acquired skills, based on the evidence obtained during and after carrying out the program.
  • Integration with your technological stack: We host reports and videos in the company's technological environment so that both the person and your company have all the information, without having to work on a different platform.

How does it work?

Initial evaluation: With the help of the client, we carry out a detailed evaluation to identify professional development needs for change and transformation, aspirations and areas for improvement.

Program design: Based on the evaluation, we develop a personalized proposal that aligns with corporate objectives.

Program sessions: The sessions are carried out in an online environment, facilitating the professional support of our team, regardless of geographical location.

Monitoring and adjustments: We continuously monitor progress to ensure the achievement of the stated objectives and that work is being done in the right direction.

Our personalized programs

One-to-One Program for Leaders: Designed for leaders seeking to maximize their impact and effectiveness in the organization.

Teams program for teams with shared challenges: This program focuses on team cohesion and overcoming common challenges to achieve corporate goals.

Coach Leader Program: This program is designed for leaders seeking to develop a more empathetic and effective leadership style, using coaching techniques.

For more information about our one-to-one services, feel free to contact us. We are here to help your company develop its teams within the framework of the digital strategy.

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