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Masa Mater: from the laboratory to the kitchen

Launch of Masa Mater: From the Laboratory to the Kitchen with Proportione

Darwin Bioprospecting Excellence, a leading bioprospecting and biotechnology company, has always been at the forefront of innovation. His latest project, Mater Mass, is a clear example of its commitment to creating sustainable and high-tech solutions.

Mater Mass is a revolutionary initiative that seeks to transform the way we produce and consume food. Using natural microorganisms, Masa Mater produces high-quality sourdough bread, promoting healthy and sustainable eating.

To carry out this ambitious project, Darwin Bioprospecting Excellence needed a partner who could help them navigate the complex world of digital strategy and e-commerce. This is where it comes in Proportione.

Manuel Porcar and Cristina Vilanova, founders of Masa Mater, in their biotechnology laboratory.

Manuel Porcar, founder of Darwin Bioprospecting Excellence, and Cristina Vilanova, managing director, joined Proportione to take Masa Mater to the next level. Together, we work on several key aspects:

Manuel Porcar and Cristina Vilanova have expressed their satisfaction with the results obtained thanks to the collaboration with Proportione. In Manuel's words, «Proportione has been a key partner in the launch of Masa Mater. His experience in digital strategy and modular eCommerce architecture "It has been invaluable to us.". Cristina adds: «Thanks to Proportione, we have been able to bring Masa Mater to a wider audience and grow our business sustainably».

Yugrow: Rebranding and SEO

Testimony from Mayte Tortosa, CEO and founder, and Marga Serrano, CMO of Yugrow

A new name, a new image

«At Yugrow, we have experienced a transformative change, a leap thanks to the collaboration with Proportione. Our journey began as YuCoach, an online executive coaching platform. However, we felt the need to evolve and expand our vision. Proportione was the strategic partner what we needed to make this transformation a reality.”

Digital strategy and strategic SEO

«Digital strategy and strategic SEO have been fundamental in our growth. Proportione has helped us understand and apply SEO best practices, resulting in spectacular growth in just 8 months. Now, we are not only most visible on the Internet, but we are also reaching the right audience.”

New web platform

«Proportione also helped us develop a new web platform, more intuitive and easier to use. This new platform has improved the experience of our users and has made it easier to interact with our coaching services.”

Marga Serrano and Mayte Tortosa, leaders of Yugrow, entering a congress to present their online executive coaching platform.

Mayte Tortosa, CEO and founder of Yugrow, and Marga Serrano, CMO of Yugrow