GPTs now available: create a chatbot in 4 minutes

Y here it is in action

We created a chatbot in less than four minutes

At Proportione, we have tested the effectiveness of OpenAI's GPTs by developing a chatbot in just four minutes. This chatbot focuses on explaining in a clear and concise way what GPTs are. You can access them from:
This direct experience with GPTs technology not only demonstrates its simplicity and accessibility, but also underlines its potential to be integrated into different business areas, optimizing processes and facilitating the adoption of advanced technological solutions.

GPTs offer a range of practical applications for improving technology and people management strategy in companies. Here are some ideas based on the information gathered:

  • Chatbots and Customer Support CustomizationGPTs can be customized to create chatbots that respond to frequently asked questions, providing automated assistance and improving customer satisfaction. This can alleviate staff workload and provide fast and efficient responses.
  • Content Generation and Communication ToolsThey can generate content for websites and social networks, saving time and resources. In addition, they can be used as virtual assistants to schedule meetings and perform administrative tasks, improving operational efficiency.
  • Data Analysis and Decision MakingGPTs can be instrumental in incorporating data analytics into decision making, supporting practices that drive new business opportunities and aligning strategies with organizational objectives. This is crucial in the context of strategic HR, where every employee provides essential data for their management and professional development.
  • HR Process AutomationIn human resources, GPTs can automate time-consuming tasks, such as managing the hiring or dismissal of employees.
  • Machine Translation and Global CommunicationGPTs can also be used for automatic language translation, facilitating communication with international customers and suppliers.
  • Employee Development and WelfareIn addition, they can act as personal health and wellness assistants, providing advice and recommendations. This can be especially valuable in health and wellness companies.

These GPT applications can be integrated into a business strategy to improve efficiency, innovate products and services, and strengthen market share. At the same time, they can contribute significantly to the development of employees and the strategic growth of the company.