Discover the synergy between technology and people in a collaborative environment through this hyper-realistic photograph. Inspired by the Proportione color palette, the image captures the essence of innovation and teamwork in the digital age.

Strategy, technology and people

Digital transformation is more than simply adopting new technologies; It is a cultural change that requires organizations to constantly challenge the status quo, experiment, and become comfortable with failure. But what happens when people are not aligned with this vision? According to scientific studies, lack of employee participation is one of the main reasons for failure in digital transformation projects1.

What we offer?

At Proportione, we understand that technology and people must go hand in hand to achieve a successful digital transformation. We offer a unique strategic approach that combines strategy, implementation, co-creation and training.


  • Initial diagnostic: We evaluate the current state of your company in terms of technology and organizational culture.
  • Strategic planning: We design a tailored plan that aligns with corporate objectives and employee needs.
  • Execution and support: If you need us to develop and provide ongoing support for technology implementation, we are ready to do it.
Photograph capturing the moment when a person is writing a strategic plan on a whiteboard, illustrating the intersection of technology and people in the Proportione approach. Ideal for content related to strategic planning and collaboration in technology environments.


Real, unfiltered photo showing an executive and an engineer working together on a document, highlighting the synergy between technology and people as envisioned by Proportione. Perfect for content that addresses interdisciplinary collaboration in technology environments.
  • Technology selection: We choose the technologies that best suit your needs.
  • Integration: We ensure that new technologies integrate seamlessly into your existing operations.
  • Active participation: We involve employees in the design and implementation process.
  • continuous feedback: We establish open communication channels to collect opinions and make adjustments in real time.
  • Personalized training: We offer training programs designed to empower your employees to effectively use new technologies.
  • Monitoring and evaluation: We use KPIs and other metrics to evaluate the impact of training on efficiency and productivity.

Why choose Proportione?

  • Experience: We have a team of experts in digital strategy and change management.
  • Personalized Approach: Each program is designed with your company's specific needs in mind.
  • Measurable Results: We use key performance indicators to evaluate the success of each project.

Why involve people in digital transformation?

In today's business environment, people are more important than ever. Here are some reasons:

Strategic alignment

When employees are involved from the beginning, digital transformation initiatives are more likely to be aligned with company goals and culture. This increases the chances of success of the project.

Quick adoption

Active employee involvement in the design and implementation of new technologies facilitates faster and more effective adoption, accelerating return on investment.

Continuous improvement

Employee feedback can offer valuable insights for continuous improvement, allowing technology solutions to be adjusted and optimized based on real business needs.

Engaging people in digital transformation: the Proportione approach

In the digital age, technology is only part of the equation for business success. At Proportione, we believe that people are the engine that drives digital transformation. Discover how our “Technology and People” program focuses on involving employees at every stage of the process, from strategy to implementation.

  1. Initial diagnostic: We conduct a detailed analysis of organizational culture and employee digital readiness to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for engagement.
  2. Co-creation and Participatory Design: We involve employees from the initial stages of digital strategy design, ensuring that their perspectives and needs are integrated into the final solution.
  3. Training and skill development: We offer customized training programs to train employees in new technologies and agile methodologies, increasing their confidence and competence.
  4. Transparent Communication: We maintain open communication channels to discuss project progress, challenges and successes, fostering an environment of trust and collaboration.
  5. Metrics and Feedback: We use KPIs and other metrics to measure the level of engagement and impact of initiatives, adjusting the strategy as necessary.
  6. Recognition and Rewards: We implement incentive systems that recognize and reward active participation and significant contributions to the digital transformation project.